Sony Honda

Mobility Unveils Prototype of

Afeela EV

At CES 2024

Sony Honda Mobility took the stage at CES 2024 to reveal an updated prototype of the Afeela electric sedan. This comes as a part of the joint venture between Sony and Honda that commenced in 2022.

Yasuhide Mizuno showcased in-car software at an event, featuring a standout moment where he remotely drove an electric vehicle on stage using a PlayStation 5 DualSense controller.

The updated prototype of the Afeela electric sedan boasts a redesigned front bumper and a distinctive protruding nose, complemented by a digital display.


Inside the cabin, while maintaining the overall concept, the electric sedan introduces a new center console and a double wireless smartphone charger.


The motors on the front and rear axles collectively generate 482 bhp, with each motor capable of producing 241 bhp. The power is supplied by a 91-kWh lithium-ion battery.


Sony and Honda plan to launch the Afeela electric sedan in 2026, marking the culmination of their collaborative efforts to introduce an innovative and technologically advanced electric vehicle to the market.

Expected Launch