Underground Mining Electric Truck: Design, Features & Specifications

Specifically designed for underground mining, the Sandvik TH550B is a battery-powered fully electric truck.

The truck is easy to adopt in any underground hard rock operation since it is based on the idea of rethinking the equipment rather than the mine. the cabin is mounted on oil-dampened bushings to reduce whole-body vibration.


Power: 200 kW Speed: 38.5 km/h Payload 50000 kg Motor: Permanent magnet, AC Dumb box range 24 – 31 m³


The Sandvik Intelligent Control system monitors and alerts the operator before failures occur on its 12″ touchscreen display, averting catastrophic damage and major production loss.


Being a 100% electric undermining truck, which has the potential to be a game-changer in the sector, is the exclusive selling point given by the manufacturer.