RunR Mobility, Vadodara, Gujarat-based EV startup also known as MECPower Mobility Pvt. Ltd., is announcing the highly anticipated launch of the RunR HS EV model.

The RunR HS EV is available in 5 vibrant colors, allowing customers to personalize their scooters and make a statement while embracing green mobility.

Color Options 

Equipped with 60 V 40 AH Li-on liquid-cooled wire bounded batteries, the scooter utilizes a state-of-the-artcan-based Battery Management System (BMS).


The RunR HS introduces convenient battery-changing technology, providing real-time battery information for a seamless and worry-free riding experience.


The inclusion of alloy wheels and brilliant LED tail lights further enhances safety and aesthetic appeal.


In the middle of this subsidy reduction, RunR Mobility debuted its HS EV model at a fairly affordable pricing point.

Mr. Setul Shah


Electric Scooter