To enter into the stationary energy storage systems (ESS) market with a new brand, Rimac Energy

The move sees Rimac leveraging its expertise in making market-defining electric vehicle technology to create the next generation of stationary Energy Storage Systems (ESS).

Rimac Energy’s ESS is built upon a novel electrical architecture, which enables significant performance, safety, and availability advantages, including up to 50% reduced energy losses and a 40% smaller system footprint.

Rimac Energy has a team of 60 specialized employees who have been working on the first generation of stationary ESS and pilot applications with select customers over the past 18 months.

Given our track record in innovative battery technology, we believe we will play a vital role in building Europe’s future energy ecosystems, elevating it on the global stage.

Rimac Energy’s Director, Wasim Sarwar, commented

The urgent need for clean energy infrastructure to support the integration of renewable energy sources into the grid by providing storage and balancing capabilities.

Rimac Group founder and CEO Mate Rimac stated