Rimac Nevera set world record for Fastest Electric Car in World

Rimac Nevera has set the world record for the Fastest Electric Car in World, which can sprint 0-100 kmph in just 1.97 Seconds.

On November 15, the same EV Hypercar became the world’s fastest production electric car to hit a top speed of 412 kmph.

The front of the car is quite aggressive and attractive at the same time. There is a substantial rear diffuser, which keeps the Nevera glued to the road at high speeds.


The Nevera’s interior gets three screens, the driver’s MID (multi-information display), second being the infotainment display, and the third passenger’s side display.


The interiors of the Nevera also get the luxuries of leather, sporty seats, Alcantara, and exposed carbon fiber bits that you would expect from a $2.1 million Hypercar.


The 120kWh battery pack has an incomparable 500kW charging capacity, which can charge 0-80% in just 19 minutes. An advanced cooling system has been given in the battery pack.

Battery and Charging Time

Range :- It gets a WLTP claimed range of 490km/charge. Top-Speed :- 0-100 kmph in just 1.97 Seconds and 0-300 kmph in 9.3 Seconds.