Reliance Showcased Swappable Batteries  for EVs

India’s commitment to achieve a net zero emissions economy by 2070 and to meet fifty percent of its electricity requirements from renewable energy sources by 2030 has attracted global players to enter into the green energy industry.

Reliance Industries-India’s refining giant has showcased its swappable and multipurpose battery storage technology for electric vehicles (EVs) at THE BATTERY SHOW, Greater Noida.

The idea of the company is to use the same battery for household electricity needs as well as for driving the vehicle.

Other Uses of the Battery

This battery can be charged at Reliance’s swapping station or by households using rooftop solar panels, hints given by the company executives at the expo.

Other Uses of the Battery

Reliance is planning to invest  $10 billion in the green energy industry. Reliance won an incentive to set up a 5 gigawatt hours (GWh) battery manufacturing facility under India’s $2.4 billion programme.

Reliance Investment