The Bangalore-based ride-sharing startup, announced a partnership with RACEnergy, a battery-swapping industry, to deploy electric autos across India. 

The deployment of e-autos is expected to begin In Hyderabad and scale to other cities by the end of December 2023.

Co-founder of Rapido, Said RACEnergy’s battery-swapping technology and energy-dense batteries will help us make electric transport available for the masses.

Mr. Aravind Sanka

Co-founder and CEO of RACEnergy, Said We join hands with Rapido in our collaborative mission to revolutionize last-mile transportation through our cutting-edge battery-swapping technology.

Mr. Arun Sreyas

RACEnergy has tackled various challenges to become one of India’s first companies to receive the AIS 156 safety certification for its swappable battery packs.

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