Pure EV, a Hyderabad-based company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of Lithium-ion batteries and Electric bikes has unveiled a new Electric Motorcycle “EcoDryft.”

EcoDryft being a modern bike has standard angular lamps, telescoping front suspension, twin shock rear, etc.


The electric bikes will be available in three modes namely drive, crossover, and Thrill.


It comes with a range of 85-130 km/charge and a top speed of 75 KMPH. The bike can touch an acceleration of 0-40 in 5 seconds.

Range and Speed

EcoDryft has a charging of 3 hours from 20-80% using a 60 V CAN charger. The torque of EcoDryft will be 40Nm. 

Charging Time and Power

Pure EV has three models running in the market that are ETRYST 350, EPLUTO 7G, and ETRANCE NEO. EcoDrfty will be the fourth jewel in the Pure EV set.