The Pravaig Veer an electric vehicle made with the armed forces in mind. Pravaig Veer has features that no other EV available on the road can compete with. 

Range :- 500km/ch Battery :- 90.0 kWh Top-Speed :- 210km/h Charging :- 0-80%/30 min


The Veer features a Thermal imaging camera and a weapon or equipment mounted on the roof of this car.

External Features

Other external features include Airlift hooks, a 4-tonne winch, shielded thermals, and a 2-tonne tow hitch.

External Features

Safety features of this car include Front airbags (6 in total), an Anti-theft alarm and immobilizer system, ABS and Electronic Stability Control, Tyre Pressure Monitoring System.

Safety Features