Pravaig Dynamic’s trail Offroading Electric Car meets Accident at Uttarakhand Tiger Reserve

The Bengaluru-based EV startup, Pravaig Dynamic’s offroading electric car met with an accident at Rajaji Tiger Reserve, Uttrakhand causing 4 casualty of lives which includes two rangers and a woman warden went missing.

No other technical failure like Battery/BMS failure or motor failure is reported which is the most common cause in EVs accidents. The battery pack is completely safe even after the accident.

This car from Pravaig Dynamic named INTERCEPTOR is All-Wheel Drive and is infinitely customizable according to Off-roading conditions. 

Range: 500+ km Speed: 210 km/hr Battery: 90.9 kWh Motor: 150 kW


We are deeply saddened to report a tragic incident involving a vehicle that was under demonstration via our distributor for an authorized trial run conducted in Rajaji National Park with the Forest Department of Uttarakhand.

Statement from the Company