PMV Electric Unveiled Smart Two Seater Micro-Car

Mumbai-based PMV Electric will introduce the EaS-E, its first electric vehicle, to the Indian market.

The manufacturer asserts that the safety of the smart car is unaffected. The car has high-strength sheet metal seatbelts and an airbag.

The vehicle receives IP67-rated lithium iron phosphate batteries. The charging time takes 3-4 hours.

The vehicle can be controlled by your mobile phone using a dedicated EaS-E “EV CONNECT” application.


The PMV Eas-E electric car has a top speed of 70 kmph and a range of up to 200 km on a single full charge.

Top Speed and Range

The company has finally revealed the prices of the vehicle for the PMV electric car start from Rs 4.79 lakh for the first ten thousand who place orders for the base model.


PMV Electric is an EV startup focussing on personal mobility. The mission of this company is to building the future of personal mobility that offers safe, sustainable, technology. 

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