Piaggio India Launches Two New Electric 3 Wheelers

Piaggio Vehicles Private Limited has introduced its new line in the electric market. The Max Range with better performance and a best-in-class warranty makes Ape E-city FX Max and Ape E-Xtra FX Max stand out from the competition.

The new range provides a groundbreaking driving experience with zero emissions, making it a modern last-mile transportation option for urban India.

Its innovative batteries, automatic gearbox, superior power and torque, lack of gear or clutch, doors for safety, and full digital dashboard, it offers a unique and sustainable proposal with a variety of class-leading features. 


The vehicles seat height has also been modified for better sight and control when driving. This improves navigation for drivers and enables the mots effective tracking and management for owners.


Ape E-City FX Max and Ape E-Xtra FX Max, have a range of 145 and 115 kilometers on a single charge.


At Piaggio’s Baramati Facility, an all-female staff is responsible for assembling the entire EV line.

Baramati Facility

The Ape E-City FX Max for passengers and the Ape E-Xtra FX Max for cargo. With prices of Rs. 3.46 lakh and Rs. 3.43 lakh