Piaggio 1


Electric Scooter: Price, Range and Specifications

Piaggio and FCW (Feng Chen Wang) one of the most innovative and experimental fashion designers, came together to create a very special edition of the Piaggio 1.

Driving Modes

It is a silent scooter, making commuting relaxing and pollution free. It has two driving modes: ECO or Sport.


It is equipped with a battery that has a capacity of 2.3 kWh and an electric hub motor with a torque of 90 nm.

Range and Speed

It has a top speed of 60 km per hour, with an improved range of up to 85 km in ECO mode and 66 km in its SPORT setting.


Piaggio 1 FCW is a user-friendly scooter in every way. It has a keyless system, meaning that it doesn’t require a traditional key and can be started using remote control.

Special Capsule Collection 

The collaboration with Feng Chen Wang also includes a helmet and an unisex streetwear capsule collection, which was presented at Shanghai Fashion Week.

It also features recycled materials reflecting their commitment to sustainability, respect for nature, and creative recycling.