OSM and Honda Power Pack Energy Join hands for Swappable Battery Technology

Omega Seiki Mobility, a pioneering force in the Indian electric mobility industry, has joined hands with Honda Power Pack Energy India.

Honda Power Pack Energy India will provide Omega Seiki Mobility with state-of-the-art swappable batteries and create a network of quick interchange stations in Tier 1 cities across India.

Mr. Uday Narang

Founder and Chairman of Omega Seiki Mobility

The swappable battery technology represents a paradigm shift, offering unparalleled efficiency and environmental advantages.

Omega Seiki Mobility’s upcoming EV Three Wheelers (Cargo and Passenger) will utilize Honda Power Pack Energy India’s intelligent swappable batteries.

Omega Seiki Mobility envisions a future where electric mobility extends across all categories. The company has a rapidly expanding network of dealerships and focuses on manufacturing products in India.