Orxa Founded in 2015, It is a Bangalore-based Indian electric two-wheeler start-up that aims to manufacture electric sports bikes. 

Mantis’s twin round headlight definitely justifies its name. The rest of the body is designed with sharp and edgy panels, which give the bike a very sporty and aggressive look. 


The company claims to manufacture its lithium-ion batteries in-house. whose capacity is 9 kWh and the weight of this battery pack is 65 kg. which takes around 3.5 hours to charge from 0-100%.


The company claims a range of 200 km/charge with this battery pack. Which is certainly more than most of the electric two-wheelers sold in India.


According to the company, the electric hub motor that has been installed in Mantis can generate a peak power of up to 25 kW. 


The company also claims that the bike can achieve 0-100 kmph speed in just 8 seconds with a top speed of 140 kmph. Which is probably an impressive number for a 175kg electric bike.


According to Orxa, Mantis will be launch was set for mid-2022 but now this launch is expected in March 2023. 

Launch date

Its expected starting price will start from 3 lakhs and the highest will go up to 4 lakhs.

Expected Price