ORNL Achieves 

Wireless  EV Charging

with World’s Highest Power Density

Researchers at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) have achieved the world's highest power density for wireless charging in light-duty passenger EVs.

Reports state that the researchers were able to wirelessly charge a light-duty passenger EV at 100 kW with 96% efficiency.  This breakthrough marks a substantial advancement in the field of electric vehicle charging.

The lightweight polyphase electromagnetic coupling coil design allows power transfer over eight times faster than before, providing enough charge to cover 350 miles (563 km) in one hour.

Unprecedented Power and Efficiency

In laboratory tests, conventional coil technology achieved a maximum power transfer of 120 kW, showcasing the system's advanced capabilities and its potential to reshape EV charging infrastructure.

Revolutionary Wireless Charging Technology

The cutting-edge wireless EV charging system has immense potential to revolutionize the EV landscape, addressing key challenges like charging infrastructure and range anxiety with its unprecedented power output and efficiency, thus accelerating EV adoption.

Future Implications and Applications

Wireless  EV Charging