Oreva Adidev is a low-speed electric scooter specially designed for roads in India. This electric scooter is made through 80% In-house production and It is ideal for personal mobility.

Oreva Electric 

Oreva is an Indian Electric appliances brand. The managing director of Oreva is Shri Jaysukhbhai Patel. It used to manufacture household electrical products but in recent years it started selling electric scooters too.


This electric scooter boasts a sleek look and an eye-catching design. The body of this electric scooter is made of high-impact, strong manufactured plastic and is PU painted.


Speed:- 40 km/h Motor:- 500 W Battery:- 24 Ah


Oreva Electric Scooter contains a 12-amp power controller with a 48 V rated voltage and its controller type is BLDC.

The type of its brakes is a Drum with a diameter of 110 MM and is mounted on both tires of vehicles.