The first all-electric Opel Corsa-e marks the debut of a fully electric version of one of the brand’s most popular models.

It has a smart battery management system, which balances the onboard charge between the battery and the various charging points and sends information on the car’s movements back to our smartphone app.


Range :- 330 km Top-Speed :- 150 km/h Battery :- 50.0 kWh


The Opel Corsa-e represents the future of automobiles. It’s fun, economical, and environmentally friendly. United Kingdom :- £27,140 Germany :- €29,900 The Netherlands :- €30,599


Corsa Electric is a great car for shorter journeys and town driving. It is a more reliable, comfortable, and efficient way to get around. It also comes with an 8-year battery warranty and many other faculties too.