Rage+ H2x

Unveils Hydrogen-Powered Marvel

Omega Seiki Mobility has finally ventured into the Hydrogen vehicle space by launching its first three-wheeler called Rage+H2x at Hyvolution Paris.

The Rage+ H2x isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a marvel of engineering that combines cutting-edge technology with environmental consciousness.

Details about Rage H2x

The production cost of green hydrogen is projected to be in the range of ₹240-280 per kg, surpassing that of grey and blue hydrogen. 

Hydrogen Technology  in India

Introducing a subsidy of ₹40-50 per kg for certain cases could narrow the cost gap, making it more competitive with blue hydrogen.

Hydrogen Technology  in India

Tata Motors introduced the Prima H.55S in India last year, featuring a powerful hydrogen engine with 290HP, 1200Nm torque, and a notable range of 350-500km.

Uday Narang

The Founder of OSM

He shared insights on the venture, revealing plans to secure USD 25 million from the US and European markets. This financial infusion is crucial for expanding OSM’s footprint.