Ola S1 Air

Catches fire on Kerala streets

Fire incidents are becoming a concerning trend in the realm of electric scooters. A major fire incident involving the Ola S1 Air occurred in Kanjirakulam, Trivandrum, Kerala.

This incident underscores the crucial importance of proper battery maintenance to prevent such dangerous occurrences. With summer temperatures rising, the risk of battery fires increases.

Cause of  the Fire

Neglecting electric scooter maintenance can severely damage both the vehicle and the rider. Ensuring the battery's optimal performance is crucial, especially in hot weather to prevent overheating.

Importance of Battery Maintenance

Users should avoid overcharging and ensure the battery is kept clean and dry. It is also advisable to follow manufacturer guidelines for battery care and replacement.

Battery  Care

The recent fire incident with the Ola S1 Air in Kerala highlights the hazards of electric scooters. Proper battery maintenance is crucial for safety, not just longevity. As electric vehicles become more common, safety must be a top priority for both manufacturers and users

Safety Implications