MoveOS 4

launched for all users

After launching their beta version of Move OS4 in August, Ola Electric received a tremendous response from the customers and they decided to incorporate this feature in their scooters.

1. Personalized Ola Maps 2. Ride Stats and Energy     Insights 3. Redesigned UX 4. Care Mood

MoveOS4 Features

1. Geo & time restrictions with real-time alerts for a breach 2. Enhanced safety by restricting access to Sports & Hyper mode

Safety and Security

1. Krutrim Al model trained on millions of turn data points 2. Ola Maps data for hundreds of different types of turns

Auto Turn off Indicator

1. Faster Hyper charging 2. Faster Hyper charging 3. Call Filtering 4. Biometric Unlock 5. Take Me Home lights 6. Improved proximity unlock

Additional Features

The Roll-out of MoveOS 4 for S1, S1 Pro, and S1 Air will start tonight & be completed by 25 January. It will be Coming Soon for S1X+.

When will MoveOS4 will be available?