OLA Introduced All New S1 Air and MoveOS 3 Update

Ola Electric on the occasion of Diwali has made an entry with a bomb by launching unthinkable updates for the S1 & S1 Pro Electric scooter and the company has considered the customer’s requirements and demands.

#1 Vacation mode: On vacation mode, the scooter will stay charged for 200 days and when you are back it is new and faster than always. #2 Screen call: Now you don’t need to miss important calls from your parents and bosses because Move OS3 lets you receive important calls by displaying them on screen.

Ola Move OS3: Highlights 

#3 Multi-sharing: You can now share your S1 pro with many people without giving them keys and documents. #4 Party mode: The new party mode changes lights according to the song and lets you enjoy yourself with friends.

Ola Move OS3: Highlights 

#5 Hyper charging: With hyper charging, you will get a 50 km charge in 15 minutes. In India, there are 50+ hyper charging stations. #6 Move OS3: All of these recent updates are stored in software called Move OS3 which will bring new results for the customers.

Ola Move OS3: Highlights 

The MOVE OS 3 Beta signups will start on the 25th of October 2022 and the rollouts will be made available to all exciting owners by early December. The purchases will begin in January 2023. To connect with customers OLA has started free trials on S1 for 24 hours for a better experience.

Other Big Update

It is built on the same S1 design model however with slight differences like two-tone body colors, to give a sporty look the company took out 25kg from it and thus making it much faster.

All New Ola S1 Air

#1 2.5kWh of the battery pack #2 85kmph of top speed #3 0-40kmph in 4.3 seconds #4 100km in eco mode #5 34L buddy space #6 4.5KW of hub motor #7 It is loaded with Move OS3

Ola S1 Air Technical Specification

OLA is the future of electric vehicles and promises to bring the EV revolution to every household within the next few years. Not just this, but the company is ready to capture the International market by launching its vehicle first in Nepal by the end of 2022 and then going to capture the European market by 2023.

Ola Electric’s Road Ahead