Ola Electric is gearing up to broaden its product portfolio by venturing into the electric autorickshaw and e-bike segments. The company is known for its innovative approach to sustainable mobility solutions.

Ola has finalized plans to introduce an electric autorickshaw, reportedly named "Raahi", along with its highly anticipated e-bike Roadster and one more by probably next week.

The upcoming electric autorickshaw represents the result of Ola Electric’s recent efforts to expand its product range and enter the commercial vehicle market.

Product Development

Ola Electric's upcoming IPO will introduce "Raahi", which means "traveler" in Hindi, aligning with the company's strategy to diversify products and attract investors.

Pre-IPO Strategic Moves

On August 15, 2023, Ola Electric unveiled four sleek electric motorcycles – the Diamondhead, Adventure, Roadster, and Cruiser – at its Customer Day event, showcasing their futuristic design.

Ola electric Bikes

Ola Electric’s foray into electric autorickshaws and e-bikes marks a strategic expansion in the EV market. With its established presence in the two-wheeler segment.