Ola electric

New Electric Scooter with Removable Battery

Ola Electric has filed a patent for their upcoming electric scooter. It will set foot in the commercial segment this new electric scooter can benefit the market given the growth rate of the B2B market in India.

Going by the trend, the need for last-mile connectivity is on the rise and this is the right time for Ola Electric to step into the market given its IPO launch.

Their fleet and target market are different than Ola. Ola Electric will be able to provide deliveries on two wheels, which sets it apart from the rest of the players.

The new scooter by Ola Electric might have swappable batteries so the company along with its existing fast charging station will have to set up charging options for the removal of batteries as well.

New Infrastructure set up by Ola Electric

The ergonomics and the design of the vehicle will be set perfectly so that the delivery assistant can have a firm grip.

Design of New Ola Electric Scooter