Ola Electric

Discontinued Sales of the Ola S1 Variant

Ola Electric today shook the market by surprise when they announced on the YouTube Stream “Live with Bhavish Aggarwal”, they would discontinue the sales of the Ola S1 variant. 

Competitive pricing of S1 Air and S1 Pro. S1 Air gave is considered a more accessible vehicle by many customers.

Reasons for stopping the Ola S1 sales

The similarity between both the products. It was because they were different in names.

Reasons for stopping the Ola S1 sales

Just after opening the purchase window of the S1 Air within an hour, the company sold out 1,000 units of the electric scooter. 

3,000 S1 Air sold-out

After a couple of hours, the CEO informed X that S1 Air got an order for more than 3,000 Units. These are the exceptional number that the company got in no time.

Ola is working on Move OS4 and hopefully, they’ll launch the software soon. Deliveries of S1 Air will start in August 2023.