Hyper Tourer

Concept Unveiled: Paving Road to Premium Future

Nissan Motor Co. Ltd, unveiled its Hyper Tourer Concept today, which is the third in a series of advanced electric vehicle concepts that feature at the Japan Mobility Show starting October 25.

The Nissan Hyper Tourer mixes the spirit of Japanese hospitality, called “omotenashi,” with lots of smart technologies, including self-driving.

It has smooth body panels and sharp lines that show traditional Japanese beauty. The design of the car looks very impressive and fits very well with the surroundings.


There’s also a flat LED screen on the floor that shows pictures of a riverbed and the sky, making the space feel warm thereby blending the digital and natural worlds.


1. Autonomous Driving 2. Swiveling Front Seats 3. Wearable Display 4. AI System


1. Nissan Hyper Urban Concept 2. Nissan Hyper Adventure Concept

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