EX 30

Most Affordable Electric SUV

The Volvo EX 30 is the smallest and least expensive electric car from Volvo. This electric SUV from Volvo is provided with the fastest acceleration feature,

The Volvo EX 30 can cover a distance of 286 miles. And, the WLTP range of the car is 460 km per charge.


The  EX 30 has been equipped with a motor of rating 422 hp, which is 428 Ps / 315 kW.


The capacity of the battery is 69 kWh. The battery of the electric car is capable of being charged from 10 – 80 % in about 28 minutes.


The price of the upcoming Volvo EX 30 begins from 36,000 pounds, or 33, 795 Euros in Europe.