Reveals LF-ZC & LF-ZL Two Electric Car Concepts for 2026

Lexus showcased its global premiere of the next-generation Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) concept car, the LF-ZC, scheduled for release in 2026.

The LF-ZC concept car has a modern look with its smooth lines, sits low to the ground, has a lot of space inside, and has a design that combines functionality.


Lexus’s Bamboo CMF (Color, Material, Finish) Concept showcases its unique approach to sustainability, emphasizing efficient resource use and a fresh interior.


The upcoming flagship model promotes eco-luxury living, enabling customers to lead sustainable lifestyles that benefit both the environment and society.

LF-ZL: The Flagship BEV Concept

The car’s onboard sensors collaborate with digital data from the surroundings, enhancing the driving experience.


The extensive data usage efficiently manages charging and power supply, seamlessly connecting the vehicle to the network.


Lexus is dedicated to becoming an all-electric brand by 2035. This shift means they’ll rethink how cars are built using a new flexible structure and advanced manufacturing methods.