Largest Lithium Reserves in India Discovered in Degana, Rajasthan

According to Rajasthan government and Geological Survey of India (GSI) officials, significant Lithium reserves have been identified in Degana, Rajasthan, exceeding those recently discovered in Jammu & Kashmir.

The lithium reserves have been found in the same place where tungsten was once supplied to the rest of the country. Tungsten was discovered in Renvat Hill and surrounding areas of Degana in 1914.

Largest Lithium Reserves in India 

In February of this year, Lithium reserves were discovered in Jammu & Kashmir for the first time. The Geological Survey of India (GSI) announced that the Reasi district in the region contained 5.9 million tonnes of Lithium reserves.

Lithium in Jammu & Kashmir 

The chemical properties of lithium, including its lightweight and softness, have made it a highly sought-after mineral for various industries, including EV production.

Benefits from Lithium Reserves 

Australia is currently the largest producer of lithium in the world, accounting for 47 percent of global production. Meanwhile, Chile produces 30 percent of the world’s lithium, followed by China at 15 percent.

Lithium Around the World 

Mr. Varun Goenka

CEO & Co-Founder, Chargeup Said, As India discovers significant lithium reserves in Rajasthan, in addition to the previously discovered reserves in Jammu and Kashmir, the country is well positioned to become the 3rd largest market for EVs in the next 4 years.