Electric to Make India’s First Electric Scooter with Carbon Fiber Chassis

Lapa Electric is an electric scooter that come three years back with the founders. They want to manufacture something out-of-the-box and thus they decide to build a carbon fiber electric scooter body.

1. Lightweight 2. Corrosion Resistance 3. Strength and Stiffness


1. Fixed battery with 4-5kW battery 2. Portable battery pack with 2kW battery


With 5A chargers, it will take 8 hours, and fast charging will take around 40-45 minutes.


The scooter will be available in seven colors in partnership with Asian paints. The standard colors of the bike will be yellow, white, and black.

Color  Options 

Introducing the first-ever carbon fiber two-wheeler in India with an innovative invisible braking system, inspired by European manufacturing techniques.

Lapa Electric and its Foreign Ventures