Komaki started selling electric scooters in the Indian market in 2016. The majority of their infrastructural unit is located in southern India.

To ensure nighttime driving safety, it boasts super bright LED headlights. Also, it has a steel frame that is extremely strong and durable for a safer ride.


The company has introduced three different variants of this electric scooter as an upgrade over other variants. 


1. Venice sport (classic) 2. Venice sport (performance upgrade) 3. Venice ultra sport (performance upgrade)

Range:- 100 km/ch speed:- 70 km/h Motor:- 300 w

Specifications of Venice (Classic)

It comes with an FM radio feature and a digital dashboard that can be connected to the phone via Bluetooth. It also has safety features like keyless entry and controls.


Venice sport (classic) – 1,03,900 ex-showroom Venice sport (performance upgrade) – 1,49,757 ex-showroom Venice ultra sport (performance upgrade) – 1,67,500 ex-showroom