Komaki LY is a two-wheeler electric scooter launched by Komaki to promote electric vehicles among working-class consumers.


Komaki LY Electric Scooter has a slightly slim look, a stylish front, and a non-electric bike-like appearance. It has a TFT screen, a type of LCD screen that is recommended for minimizing eye strain, on the digital dashboard.


Komaki LY electric scooter is available in two different variants depending on the number of batteries used, range, and price. 1. Komaki LY (single battery) 2. Komaki LY (dual battery)


Range:- 80-85 km/ch Speed:- 55-60 km/h Battery:- 62v 34Ah Motor:- 3000 W


This electric scooter’s amazing features like parking assistance, cruise control, keyless entry, and reverse assistance are quite beneficial.


Komaki LY (single battery): 96K ex-showroom Komaki LY (dual battery): 1.29 lakhs ex-showroom