DT 3000

Electric Scooter: Price, Range & Specifications

Komaki DT 3000 is a very strong high-speed electric scooter. It gained notoriety in India because of its impressive range, speed, and excellent characteristics.

Komaki DT 3000 has a heavy sports bike-type look from the front and a very wide look from the side view. It has LED lights on DRL, headlights, and Winkers. 


1. Keyless entry 2. Keyless control 3. Cruise control 4. The parking assistance


Range: 160 km/charge Speed: 70-80 km/h Battery: 72v 46 Ah Motor: 3000 W


LiFe Po4 app-based smart batteries are a type of Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that is powered or operated by software.


The ex-showroom price of Komaki DT 3000 is 1.21 lakhs rupees. Komaki DT 3000 is delivering outstanding features and characteristics, but the price still looks exorbitant