Kingbee Places Binding Order for 9,300 Canoo Electric Vehicles

It seems that the Canoo Electric vehicle is the buzzing noise in the EV world. Recently, the tie-up between Canoo EV and Zeeba was making the headlines and now we have another contract between Kingbee and Canoo for 9,300 Electric vehicles.

To make EVs accessible to everyone is Canoo’s goal. The company has created ground-breaking electric vehicles that are revolutionizing the automobile industry with bold design improvements, cutting-edge technologies, and a special business model that covers the entirety of the vehicle’s lifecycle.

About Canoo

Upfitting for commercial vehicles is where Kingbee began. They have run a work van and light-duty truck up-fitting business for the past ten years. Currently, they are operating two shifts with 14 bays in a 28,000-square-foot shop. When the vehicle wrap shop opens in 2019, its wrap staff will be able to produce 14 fully wrapped or more than 30 partially wrapped vans each day.

About Kingbee

Canoo cars are American-made commercial electric vehicles constructed on the company’s unique multi-purpose platform (MPP) architecture, with modular configurations for a variety of use cases. They are the ideal complement to Kingbee’s focus on creating tailored fleets for small business owners.

What Kingbee will bag from this deal?

Canoo offers the majority of vehicle services, upkeep, and updates over the air, reducing downtime for vehicles and boosting ROI for fleet operators. With the driver’s ergonomics and increased internal space in mind, Canoo vehicles have a panoramic front window to enhance vision on the road.

Read Ahead

Kingbee can work to provide a more sustainable work environment for both the employees and the customers. The future-looking approach of Canoo and the user base of Kingbee will make a compatible match for everyone around. The employees will try to adapt to the changing ecosystem around them and the customers can benefit from the upgraded technology and service of the company