PBV Concept

modular EV vehicle platform

At the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Kia unveiled its future strategy, Platform Beyond Vehicle (PBV). The PBV initiative is set to kick off with the introduction of a modular vehicle, as previewed by the Kia Concept PV5.

Kia’s PBV business launch signifies a dedication to diverse, customized vehicle offerings, aiming to address mobility challenges faced by individuals and organizations with limited transportation options.

Kia will launch the PV5, a versatile EV designed for hailing, delivery, and utilities, offering conversion flexibility for various customer requirements.


Kia will finalize the dedicated PBV model line-up, transitioning PBVs into AI-based mobility platforms that utilize data for user interaction and continuous updates.


This vision includes connected self-driving vehicles managed within a unified smart city system, creating new lifestyles through Hyundai Motor Group’s advanced technologies in autonomous driving, air mobility, robotics, and the energy grid.


Kia is turning inspiration into reality by building an ecosystem that encourages PBVs to interact. With extensive modularity and shared features, PBVs offer versatility for both businesses and individuals.

Transforming inspiration into reality 

Kia has formed partnerships with Uber, Coupang, CJ Logistics, Kakao Mobility, and Dubai Taxi Corporation to strengthen its PBV-dedicated business system.

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