Hermes 75

Electric Scooter Price, Range, and Specs

Goa Based Electric Two Wheeler Manufacturer Kabira Mobility recently launched a Hermes 75 electric scooter.

The Kabira Hermes 75 electric scooter has been manufactured with a strong steel frame and a reinforced suspension system. This system offers a trustable and comfortable ride in busy cities.

Kabira Hermes 75 is made with a modern design. The electric scooter offers one of the best riding experiences, which is comfortable and easy also.


The Kabira electric scooter, Hermes 75 has a battery of capacity 3.28 kWh. The Kabira Hermes 75 is provided with India’s first smart LiFePO4 battery pack.


Kabira Hermes 75 is equipped with a Delta EV BLDC hub motor of rating 3000 W for fast speed and acceleration.


Kabira Hermes 75 electric scooter can achieve a top speed of 85 km/hour. And, the vehicle can accelerate from 0 – 40 km/hour in 3.6 seconds.


The electric scooter from Kabira Mobility can cover a range of 130 km on a single charge. The warranty provided on the battery of Hermes 75 is 3 years.


Hermes 75 is a very safe electric scooter for riding. Because the electric scooter has been equipped with high-performance tires, disc brakes, DRL headlamps, and dual saree guards.

Safety Features 

The price of the Kabira Hermes 75 electric scooter is Rs. 99, 658 in the Indian market.



Hermes 75

Electric Scooter