These electric vehicles will be the game changer and they mark the next step in the sustainability of the economy. These electric vehicles are titled “The Unbreakable” because they are made from a special element that is unbreakable which is made especially for the Indian people.

Joy e-bike

Mihos is the largest electric scooter in the market and it is able to combat the climate, rush on the roads, and match the unexpected.

Mihos Electric Scooter

The Max capacity of the electric scooter is two riders, the storage vault is fantastic, Supercharging in four hours, digital speedometer, and many more.


Rockefeller is an electric bike that will offer a long range of 70 km/hr. The additional features of the electric bike are hydraulic brakes, vehicle tracking, geo-fencing, remote disabling, and audio playback.

Rockefeller Electric Bike

This electric auto offers a mileage of 85km and the additional features of the auto are IoT smart features, an IP 67-rated battery pack, a robust structure, a Digital cruiser, and a Combi Drum break(front-rear).

Joy E-rik Electric Rickshaw