Jaguar Land Rover to Launch Five Electric Cars by 2025.

During the investor’s day meetup of JLR stakeholders held on 12th June 2023, the anticipated portfolio of JLR unveiled five new electric cars laying the stone for a prosperous future, JLR envisions achieving a revenue surpassing £28 billion in the fiscal year 2024.

Backing of Tata Motors to JLR

Tata Motors recently, invested £4 billion in the UK to establish a state-of-the-art electric vehicle (EV) battery plant,  (gigafactory) in Britain. This transformative project can be the potential reason behind JLR’s commitment to introduce five electric vehicles by 2025.

Backing of Tata Motors to JLR

British PM Rishi Sunak praises Tata Group's UK investment as a proud moment for the automotive sector, highlighting the strength of the country's car manufacturing industry and skilled workforce.

JLR’s Investment in Upcoming Five Electric Cars

A resounding declaration was made regarding a substantial investment of £15 billion over five years, devoted to the advancement of electrification and digital innovation.

Jaguar Land Rover will be launching five products instead of Four and this hasn’t been made public yet.

1. Range Rover 2. Defender 3. Discovery 4. Jaguar

The Expected Launch Date of Products

2024- First all-electric Range Rover will be launched. 2025: Reimagination of Jaguar as an all-electric luxury brand. 2025-2030: Five further all-electric vehicles across the JLR portfolio. 2030: All JLR nameplates to be available in pure electric form.

Expected Technical specifications of five new models

Power: 635 horsepower (PS) and 800 Newton-meters (Nm) of torque from its Twin Turbo V8 engine. Acceleration: It can go from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.6 seconds, showcasing its remarkable speed. Range: 320 km (200 miles) with a 15-minute charge