JeetX ZE

Electric Scooter

Delhi-based  iVOOMi Energy has launched its latest electric scooter, JeetX ZE E-Scooter, starting at a competitive price of INR 79,999. The JeetX ZE has been meticulously crafted and engineered in India.

The JeetX, which has already covered a distance of over 10 million kilometers since its introduction three years ago. Available in three variants, each equipped with battery packs of 2.1kWh, 2.5kWh, and 3kWh, respectively.

This e-scooter showcases our commitment to high-quality engineering and innovation in the EV sector. With its advanced features, impressive performance, and stylish design, we believe it will redefine perceptions of electric two-wheelers.

Ashwin Bhandari

Co-Founder and CEO of  iVOOMi

With expanded legroom and ample boot space, it offers enhanced utility, catering to both daily commuting needs and more extensive travel.


Battery: 3kWh Range: 170 km Charging: 7KW


1. Nardo Grey 2. Imperial Red 3. Urban Green 4. Pearl Rose 5. Premium Gold 6. Cerulean Blue 7. Morning Silver 8. Shadow Brown


The Jeet X ZE e-scooter is unique with its seven safety layers and a user-friendly app for real-time monitoring via Bluetooth.