Raptee Energy is an avant-garde three-and-a-half-year-old electric mobility startup hailing from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. On the mission of revolutionizing the automobile sector of India.

Our vehicle will be initially costlier and we will ensure that our bikes have a unique state of an art facility. The bike will initially offer direct competition to the 250CC ICE vehicles.

The Founder  said

The bike will initially offer direct competition to the 250CC ICE vehicles and they’ll also compete directly with the present technology.

The Founder  said

The road isn’t easy since the company had to face various challenges like reaching the optimal voltage and the audacious task of transforming the traditional realm of automotive servicing. 

How Raptee Electric Bikes are different?

The bike will be a direct competitor of the 250CC ICE electric bikes. Along with that, the company will offer the lightest bike that will enhance capacity. 

Specifications of Raptee Bikes?

The company is focusing on giving the range of a bike twice times the average requirement. Where the customer has to charge their vehicle once a week.

Range of Raptee Bike?

The founder has a clear vision that they don’t want their customers to wait and then launch the bike but rather they want their bikes to be ready. So we can expect the brand to hit the roads by the end of this year.

The expected launch date of the Raptee bike