ather Upcoming scooter named  "Diesel"?

Ather might be launching their Family Scooter at the end of 2024 and according to some reports, it can be called Diesel.

Xabier Eskibel

Head of Marketing at Uno Minda

Highlights the unique seat design, ensuring a comfortable and inclusive riding experience for the whole family.

Tarun Mehta

CEO of Ather Energy

Another news by Business Standard highlighted in their news that Ather’s scooter will be called Diesel. This was followed by Tarun Mehta’s X’s post with a GIF.


Since the scooter is built to cater to the needs of the Family, therefore, it is designed to have a broad flat seat, LED Lights, a touch screen console, alloy wheels, and a front disc brake.

Upgraded  450 Series

Ather Energy doesn’t stop there; an upgraded version of the 450 series is also in the works. Mehta suggests it will represent an evolution of the existing model, boasting premium features.