Minus Zero zPod

India’s First Self-driving Autonomous Car Unveiled

An AI start-up from Bengaluru has revealed India’s first self-driving Autonomous car. Bengaluru based Company, Minus Zero has presented its new product, zPod.

The Minus Zero zPod has a camera-sensor suite. This feature of the car makes it a self-driving car. The start-up founders claim that the vehicle can drive through every type of weather and conditions.

“Minus Zero zPod” Autonomous Vehicle 

The vehicle's camera-sensor suite captures real-time images of its surroundings, which are then shared with an AI system. The AI processes the images to navigate, avoid obstacles, control speed, and stop.

The AI System in zPod

One of the basic features is that it does not have a steering wheel. Instead, the autonomous vehicle uses a series of high-resolution cameras put carefully for analyzing driving conditions, including traffic.


The start-up wants to use artificial intelligence for developing autonomous vehicles suitable for Indian roads.

Future Plans

As per the start-up, the Minus Zero zPod is suitable for transport within a closed and controlled place like a campus or big residential complex.

Words by the Management

The autonomous vehicle sector faces three challenges: expensive hardware, the requirement for extensive information, and navigating complex traffic situations and unruly infrastructure.


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