Electric Pickup Truck: Design, Price, and Launch Date

Jaehoon Chang, the CEO of Hyundai, recently disclosed that the company will soon release a new electric pickup truck.

As a compact-sized electric truck, the upcoming Hyundai model will compete primarily with other compact-sized pickup trucks already on the market.

The manufacturers have hinted that the body design of the next electric pickup would differ significantly from the Hyundai Santa Cruz.


According to reports, the future Hyundai electric pickup will be built with a unibody design rather than a conventional body-on-frame configuration. 


The Ford F-150 Lightning, which has a starting price of $49,995, will be the primary rival of the impending Hyundai electric pickup truck.

Expected Price

It will be an affordable electric pickup truck. it's expected to launch in the global market by 2024. 

Expected Launch