How can Companies Reduce Fire Incidents?

Fire-Resistant Material

The fire-resistant material can be used around the pack, inside the enclosure, beneath the lid, around the modules, and between the cells.


This technology works by eliminating the need for a modular structure, instead of directly packing all cells together.

How Cell-to-pack Reduces Fire in the Electric Vehicle?

The cell-to-pack technology has all the cells combined so there is no separate challenge of the risk of thermal runaway.

Other Solutions for Protecting EVs From Fire

One potential solution is to use materials like aerogels or encapsulated foams that can provide thermal and electrical insulation while also preventing the spread of fire.

The government implementing new standards that will take effect in October of that year. These new regulations require the use of approved cells and mandate specific battery design features, such as inter-cell spacing.

Safety Regulations in India