How EMotorad is Revolutionising Electric Bicycle Market In India

Emotorad is a Pune-based electric bicycle company founded in 2020 by four people from different experiences in the automotive industry.

Make a global product, according to the Co-founder and CMO (Mr. Aditya Oza), the India electric bicycle segment amount to $4 billion.


It also makes it easy to achieve 10-12kms easily without getting tired. EMotorad bikes provide a range of 35km if they are peddling, they can get an added range of 50-70km (depending on the model).

What makes your Electric Bicycle different from other E bicycles?

If you are traveling to the office from home, you can set a target that you have to burn 200 calories, the bike will automatically make sure that you burn that many calories.

Why should I buy EMotorad products?

1. X1 2. X2 3. X3 4. T-Rex+ 5. Doodle v2 6. EMX 7. EMX Aqua 8. Lil E 9. Desert Eagle 10. Nighthawk

EMotorad Electric Bicycle Product Portfolio

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