How Electric

Two-wheelers are 

Beneficial for 


According to the Environmental Protection Agency, traditional gasoline cars are responsible for roughly 75% of carbon monoxide emissions.

Electric two-wheelers like scooters and motorcycles can be a more environment-friendly alternative to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles.

Renewable  Energy

Electric two-wheelers powered by renewable energy sources are emission-free and sustainable. EVs would need to replace more than 7 Mb/d of oil by 2030.

Lower Emissions

Electric two-wheelers are beneficial to the environment since they emit less pollution than regular gasoline-powered two-wheelers. EVs emit up to 43% less pollution than traditional fuel-operated vehicles.

Energy Efficiency

In contrast, electric two-wheelers convert over 90% of the energy stored in their batteries into usable energy to power the vehicle.

Less Maintenance

Electric two-wheelers are more affordable to maintain than gasoline-powered vehicles, which is beneficial for the environment.