Honda EM1 e

Honda Launched its First Electric Scooter in European Market

A new electric scooter has been launched by Honda recently, which has been named the Honda EM1 e. It is the first electric scooter to be launched in Europe by Honda.

The Honda EM1 e electric scooter has many fantastic features, like a USB type-A charging supply, a digital display, 3.3 liters of storage capacity below the saddle, and a transport rack.


The electric scooter from the Honda company, the EM1 e, has a compact and flat floor and a smooth style. The electric scooter is made around a steel frame and has a 31-mm telescopic fork in the front of the vehicle.


The battery is rated at 1.47 kWh and weighs 10.3 kg. The battery is charged with a charger rated at 270 W. 


The battery is rechargeable from 25% to 75% within 160 minutes with the help of normal home chargers.


The motor is placed at the rear of the vehicle. That motor is capable of producing 2.3 hp of power and 90 Nm of torque.


The EM1 e will be affordable in the Indian market. It will be available in three different colors. i.e., black, silver, and white. Overall, the features of the EM1 e are great.