Activa Electric from Honda is set to make a mark, representing a significant expansion for the well-established Activa brand in the scooter segment.

Prioritizing rider comfort, the Activa EV may feature a fully digital instrument cluster providing essential information like speed, battery level, and range, ensuring a modern and convenient riding experience.


With an expected practical range of around 100 km on a single charge, Honda aims to target urban commuters and individuals with daily errands.


The Activa Electric is expected to deliver a top speed of 50 km/h. The scooter will be perfect for commuting around the city or taking a leisurely ride on the weekends.


Rumored to feature a robust electric motor for agile acceleration in city traffic, the Activa Electric is expected to adopt a swappable battery system.

Technical Highlights

Activa Electric aims to stand out with features like a digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity, LED lighting, and sufficient storage space.


Industry insiders anticipate a potential launch window of Activa Ev between late 2024 and early 2025. 

Launch Timeline