Highest Range Electric Cars around the World (2022)

The latest electric cars around the world are becoming highly efficient towards energy consumption along with more and more technological advancements. They are providing an excellent range with high-end performance. Here are the specifications and summaries of the electric cars that offer the highest range in the year 2022.

1. Lucid air grand touring Range :- 830 km/charge

The Lucid Air Grand Touring is one of the best-performing premium electric cars with the highest range on a single charge in 2022. One of the highest ranges of 800+ kms on a single charge makes this electric car one of the best options for very long comfortable rides.

2. Mercedes-Benz EQXX Range :- 1140 km/charge

One of the best German car makers, Mercedes Benz is on its way to launching 3 new EVs which will be one of the highest-range offering electric cars in the world with a range of 1000+ kms.

3. Tesla Gemini 001 Range :- 1210 km/charge

The world’s most renowned EV maker, Tesla produces electric cars that offer the best of performance, range, and connectivity. The Tesla Gemini 001 model is Tesla’s highest range and the best performance car they can offer in 2022. This model will come with its new and advanced Gemini battery of 203.7 kWh.

4. Aptera Range :- 402km to 1610                 km/charge

A budget-segment electric car that has the highest range in the world is once again trying to sell people on the curious idea of an ultra-efficient three-wheeled electric vehicle powered by solar panels. it has a range of 1000+ kms on a single charge and costs less than $50,000.

5. Mercedes Benz EQS Range :- 720 km/charge

Mercedes is working hard on R&D to come up with the latest high-performance electric cars that will maintain their position in the premium luxury car segment. So now Mercedes has come up with another model EQS which will be one of the cars providing the world’s highest range with 700+ kms on a single charge and this vehicle is also available in South Asian countries.

6. Ford mustang Mach-e Range :- 480 km/charge

Ford has developed and launched the Ford Mustang Mach E, the world’s highest-range electric car with a range of around 500 on a single charge. It will be as heavy and powerful as its fossil fuel variant and will either equal or perform better with a price range of $46,000 to $50,000.

7. KIA EV6 wind Range :- 480 km/charge

Kia Motors has now entered the market with the launch of one of the highest ranges Electric Car which offers 500km on a single charge that cost $47,500. The company wants to launch 11 of its electric cars in the market by 2026, so their electric cars will be available for purchase in their showrooms across the world.

8. BYD E6 Range :- 520 km/charge

Chinese-based electric car manufacturing company, BYD, launched the highest-range electric car, the BYD E6, which offers a range of 600 km on a single charge. The BYD E6 is not only one of the highest-end electric car offers but is also budget-friendly at around $50,000.

9. Triton electric car Range :- 1126 km/charge

Triton Motors (a US-based EV manufacturer) recently showcased its electric 8-seater SUV in Hyderabad, Telangana.The Triton Model H is an 8-seater electric SUV with a range of 1,126 kms. The reason for the incredible range of the Triton is its massive 200 kWh battery pack. This electric car will cover a distance of 1126 km on a single charge. The price of this electric car is estimated to be around $127,620.