Gravton Quanta QRX Electric Bike With a Swap Ecosystem

Introducing the future of two-wheelers: QUANTA, the electric bike designed to revolutionize the Indian market and reduce carbon footprint.

Conceptualized, designed, and engineered in Hyderabad, Telangana, India, QUANTA is built to impress with its robust and practical design.

Swap  Ecosystem

1. Summon Battery Swap from your mobile 2. Ride Stats 3. Push Navigation 4. Live Location and Vehicle Tracking 5. Theft/Tow Detection

Swap Ecosystem offers

The bike offers three modes – Eco, City, and Sport – with a maximum range of 160 km, 110 km, and 85 km respectively.


The vehicle is purpose-built to handle extreme conditions with its powerful max torque of 172 Nm (at the wheel), power of 3KW, and gradability of 18 degrees.


Top speed of 80 Kmph and acceleration from 0-40 km/ph in just 6 seconds, QUANTA is built for speed and performance.


The advanced charger can get you from 0-80% in just 2 hours and from 0-100% in 3.5 hours. The future is now, and it’s electric.

Charging time

With its focus on sustainability, practical design, and impressive performance, QUANTA is the perfect combination of form and function.